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Zeros and Ones Conversion - Possibilities Depend on Your Creativity
Data conversion can occur directly from one format to another. Our Post Office has two sets of data types internal data and input data as follows:

Internal conversion:
Database tables, DAO-XML (files) fields , DAO-XML (files) , Intelligent DAO, array of Intelligent DAO, JSP,JSON, HTML - HTML-JPS forms.

Input data:
PDF, excel sheets, text, HTML forms, CVS, mail messages, html page, XML, Tab Separated Values (TSV), Microsoft word Doc, Word for Macintosh (MCW) or any format which can be parsed.

How can we use Zeros and Ones in our data conversion?
Zeros and Ones can have their own data structures such as:

       Bit arrays (also known as bitmap, bitset, bit string, or bit vector)
       Bit field

As for Input data, we can only use Zeros and Ones in indexing or hashing values into an index which can be stored in database table fields to speed searching or processing. For example, we can store someone's credit rating and income in one byte (8 bits) mapping as follows:

The first three bits is to store the credit rating from very poor to excellent:

Credit Rating Index Value
Very poor 000 Zero
Poor 001 One
Fair 010 Two
Good 011 Three
Excellent 100 Four

The remaining 5 bits (2 to power of 5 = 0 to 31) is to store the income where $10K-$20K is 00000:

Income Range Index Value
$10K-$20K 00000 Zero
$30K-$40K 00001 One
$50K-$60K 00010 Two
.  .  . .  .  . .  .  .
$?K-$?K 11111 31

We can chose any income value for any of the 32 (0 to 31) possibilities.

The Zeros and Ones can be used in the following:

       Cookies mapping
       Key encryptions
       Security setting

The sky is the limit when it comes to using indexing and hashing.

Documenting our work and algorithms are critical to our development and reusability.

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