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Zeros and Ones Encryption - It is Very Simple
We need to get technical and show how Encryption can be done. Let us look at the following ASCII values for uppercase and lowercase characters (char) and their binary representation.

Dec Char Binary
65 A 01000001
66 B 01000010
67 C 01000011
97 a 01100001
98 b 01100010
99 c 01100011

Let us say we have the Binary representation of the following letters(ignoring the sign bit):

       Two bytes:               AA =        0100000101000001 (Decimal Value: 16705)

       Binary Value of        C =        01100011 (Decimal Value: 99)

       Binary Math (AA - c) =        0100000101000001 - 01100011 = 0100000011011110 (Decimal Value: 16606)

By subtracting constant as "99 c = 1100011" from "AA" binary representation, we would end up with a number that would be difficult to figure out. We are saying that if we take a source file with chars (ASCII), read two bytes (chars) as one binary number and then subtract a constant using binary math from every two bytes and then rewrite the new binary number into an encrypted file (bytes). It would be very difficult to figure out what is stored in this encrypted file. The Decryption would be exactly the opposite. The choice of the subtracted value must be chosen so the subtraction and the addition algorithm (encryption and decryption) would end up with the same value. The calculated value of the subtraction should not be easily figured out nor has a constant pattern.

The coding for these encryption-decryption is simple, the actual computer processing time is fast and we have an infinite number of algorithms to work with.

We have to understand when it comes to security such as the ones for Department of Defense (DoD), the encryption must be unbreakable due to hackers with super computers and intellegent teams. We do have a number of homegrown algorithms and processes that we believe would be difficult for any team to break. As mathematicians, we believe the sky is the limit when it comes to encryption and decryption.

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