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Trade Secret - For Free, Share or Sales
Which Trade Secrets are Free, Shared or Purchased?
A Trade Secret is a formula, practice, process, design, instrument, pattern, commercial method, or compilation of information which a business uses to have advantage over competitors.

Employers, Clients, Joint Venture, Colleagues, Partners or Funders:
Being Information Technology (IT) professionals, we have different roles with different companies from being employees, consultants, contractors, partners or joint venture. We respect our employers, clients, colleagues or partners' trade secrets by not revealing their secrets to the outside world. With the same talking we expect our employers and clients to respect our trade secrets. We are entitled to keep our trade secrets and not give it to anyone including our employers, clients, colleagues or partners.

Post Office Project - Our CRM Data Farm:
As for our CRM Data Farm and Post Office Project, we are looking for employers, teams, companies, investors, or funding-grants to build our project. We are breaking our Trade Secrets into the following:

       Free - anyone is free to use it
       Shared - we are willing to give it without charges, but these secrets are still ours
       For Sale - these are prepaid with contracts and royalties

Ideas and approaches presented on our CRM Data Farm website:

       Tiers Framework (tier Architecture)
       CRM Data Farm Ideas
       CRM Data Farm Approaches

We are willing to share the following:

       1. Intelligent DAO
       2. Intelligent Shopping Cart
       3. Intelligent BI Framework
       4. Web Services Framework(s)
       5. DAO-XML Conversion
       6. DAO-XML database fields and processes
       7. CLOB and BLOB Approach
       8. Security DAO
       9. Post Office Services Approach and Framework
       10. Dynamic Business Rules
       11. Browser side JSP Session Framework
       12. Interactive Front
       13. CRM Plug-ins
       14. Token-Driven Templates
       15. Multilanguage Templates builder
       16. Page Builder Framework
       17. Logging, Errors and Exception Tracking
       18. Cloud Governance Tier
       19. Cloud services Framework
       20. Security Framework and approach
       21. Front Proxy and Handler tier
       22. Business Tier approach Framework
       23. Bit conversion
       24. Bit Indexing
       25. Bit mapping
       26. Refactoring Framework
       27. Project Management Planner(PMP) Framework

For Sale:

       1. Data Farming (Indexing and Hashing)
       2. Big Data Storage
       3. Big Data Security
       4. Data Analysis
       5. CRM Services
       6. Analytics Framework and approach
       7. Beehives Security Framework
       8. Mapping Security Framework
       9. XX (the name will give it away) - for Internal Security - keys encryption
       10. Compression-Encryption - Our three compression algorithms

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