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Server Tier - The Font Tier
Our Server definition:
The term server is used to express a number of concepts. We view "Server" as a hardware or software entity which services other computers, programs, users, clients or even other servers. The following are servers:

Software Server:
Web (HTTP), Proxy, FTP, Mail, File, Application, Database, SQL, ..etc.

Hardware Server:
The actual computer hardware, but your mobile device can also function as a server. My laptop may run a number of servers and act as a physical server (hardware and software) also.

Virtual Server:
A virtual server may act as an independent hardware server, but in reality it is Zeros and Ones.

The real benefits behind servers is that a server works as an independent entity and may have several dynamic functionality or services. Servers can be added or removed with ease and have several functionalities. For example, a web server may also be an application server and database server. An FTP server can be used as a remote buffer or a remote file server.

Servers Communication:
Managing servers and their communication may need the following:

       Need to manage servers
       Check to see there is no network problems
       Check client's connection
       Check network connectivity
       Test the communication between the client and server
       Must first enable the server Access log before you can view the log.
       View server Access log
       Network issues include the firewall blocking access, or networks not connecting to each other

Security and Proxy Server:
Proxy server is a mediator server between client and the internet. Proxy servers conceal and make your network id anonymous by hiding your IP address. Proxy servers offers basic functionalities such as firewall and network data filtering, network connection sharing plus data caching. Proxy server may include Authentication, Authorization and Assurance (security attributes).

Loosely Coupling and Servers:
Servers are ideal for architecting system with tiers, loosely coupled components, components structure , independent services and software engines.

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