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Security - The Next Generation

Size of Security Business

According to FBI Director James Comey:
There are two kinds of big companies in the United States. There are those who’ve been hacked…and those who don’t know they’ve been hacked.

Security is more critical than ever since:

The world is going Wireless and cloud based
Big Data, CRM, BI and Data Streaming are the big businesses assets and advantage
Hackers are using businesses databases for target practice
How to stop internal and external hacking
Database breaches are more damaging to business's prestige than the actual damages done to the business's databases.

Addressing Security Investors Questions and Concerns:

OUR Simple Approach:

Make the data captured have no value to the thieves by encrypting and compressing the data.
Our algorithms for compression-encryption and decompression-decryption would execute as fast as the system CPU speed. We can also build a compression-encryption chip with its own dedicated math-coprocessor for even faster processing.
Build Intelligent Data Access Object to help secure the data transaction and processes.
Compression-encryption can also help with data security, streaming, storage and processing.
Hashing and indexing is an additional security layers for hackers to work with.
We offer approaches to security at each tier .
We are proposing (to browser vendors) a replacement of Cookies with "ID Address" (IDA - 16 byte string) for both the web and mobile to store and use. We are adding hashing, indexing and timestamp in IDA to make hacking our IDA a bit challenging.
We are proposing to the browsers vendors our IDA string which has Bit flags for browser setting including password setting. Such a password allows companies share cookies for marketing and personalization of web pages and apps.
We have new approaches using encryption, compression, indexing, hashing and building Intelligent Data Access Objects. Our approaches are secure, fast, economical, loosely coupled and can be easily integrated to any existing database system.

Possible Big Clients:

Department of Defense:
Department of Defense (DoD) is the biggest client in the world and has personnel, equipment, mobile phones, satellites, arm forces, airplanes, ground bases, ships, ... etc which need communications (wireless or not) that are secure, fast, consistent, dynamic and hacker proof. Especially with the mobile phones that are currently used by personnel at all levels.

Wireless Communication Vendors and Clients:
The wireless technologies have changed the landscape, but once the data is in air, the wireless data (signals) is an open invitation for the taking. The data streaming speed and the size do have a big role in the wireless system performance. The last and most important part is data security.

Cloud Businesses:
The same wireless principles apply to the cloud technologies where data is being transmitted between hosts and service providers. The data streaming speed and the size do have a big role in system latency and performance, plus data security is also a must.

Big Businesses Databases:
Until now, the existing database technologies, vendors and firewalls cannot stop hackers (internal and external) from breaching their system.

We would be more than happy to present our approaches, tools and answer all questions and concerns.
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