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Interactive Front - JSP Template - Good and Flexible Front Pages
Why JSP?
There are a lot of old and new technologies for the Frontend, but we have not seen anything as flexible or reusable as JSP. JSP are translated and compiled into Java servlets but are easier to develop. Our picture of JSP as follows:

Technologies Code Comments
Session Java code Session can use Java code to load data (array of DAO), initialize values, check parameters, test for values and call Java code on the server side, access browser information and cookies, use project constants packages, ... etc.
Session and Security Java code Session contents should be a part of system security
JSP Tags JSP Tags To include java package constants (names and values) Java code, comments
JSP Custom Tags JSP Tags Adds more functionalities to JSP
JavaScript Java code Adds dynamic features to the static HTML
JS Java code Adds dynamic features to the static HTML
Include Files Open options Add dynamic contents and reusability features
Forms HTML code Store values and check values before submitting to server
JSON Java code Dynamic storage for browser side
HTML HTML Container of all
CSS style sheet language Adds the bells and whistles
jQuery JavaScript Adds dynamic contents
AJAX Client-side scripting Exchanging data with a server

Our graphic artists would create the HTML pages layout templates, then we translates these templates into JSP templates which can be reused and populated with any languages, colors, fonts, links and other features. We are planning on automatic these processes with GUI tools for our artists to work with or we would look for tools with such capabilities.

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