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Issues - Marketing - Very Critical
As technical leads and architects, we are not qualified to present marketing, but we know for a fact that the wrapper not the candy that sells.

Snickers Internet marketing Payday Candy

We also know that marketing will cost more than system development and our definition of Marketing and Sales is:

"Marketing is how to influence a person's thinking to value your products and Sales is how to close the deal."

Therefore, Marketing, Data and Technology can be used to influence any person (CEO, teens, male-female, ...) thinking and provides directions to the Sales Force.

How can we support marketing to lower cost and sell more?
Our development and business plans must work and support marketing and our CRM system will be working with marketing to perform the following:

     1. Analyze, categorize and sort data - Transactional and Non-transactional
     2. Relation and correlation of data
     3. Profiling
     4. Personalization - Predictive personalization
     5. Customization
     6. Segmentation
     7. Perform market research
     8. Figure out market trends
     9. Predict the future and habits
     10. Help sales
     11. Create data from other data
     12. How can Big Data help with Products Complexity

Our Marketing Think-Tank:
Our system approach to marketing is the cooperative brainstorm of gurus (Think-tank) of the following disciplines:

     IT Professionals
     Market research
     If possible - even Hollywood movie directors

We are starting a Data-Web-Marketing Era which demands new thinking and approaches in order to master such era.

We do have analysis, rules of engagements, guidelines, processes, business logic and goals documented to start such cooperative brainstorm.

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