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When we speak of Intelligence, we do not mean Artificial intelligence (AI) nor Robotics, we intend to make our software system intelligent. Therefore:

What are Intelligence and Intelligent System?
How Important Intelligent System?

Intelligence and Intelligent System:
We as human beings, when addressing anything as intelligent, we are implying that it has human-like characteristics.
Therefore, Intelligent System is the ability of a software system to have human-like characteristics and do the following:

     1. Plans
     2. Performs abstract thinking
     3. Understanding - parse, compare and search
     4. Solves problems
     5. Does the footwork
     6. Gives choices
     7. Communicates
     8. Self-awareness
     9. Reasoning & Learning
     10. Retraining - self correcting

Assume that each category is equal to 10% of intelligence, then we can scale the actual percentage of intellignce of any software system.

We have the know-how and the architect for developing 100% Intelligent System.

How important Intelligent system?
Our Intelligent System is architected and would be built to save re-architecting and rebuilding our system plus eliminating the addition of human labor-analysts to our services. For example, we create an intelligent software that interviews clients (questionnaires) and asks the same question more than once with different wording and/or with a totally different interview at a different time. The system would compares the answers to see if the client or interviewee is consistent with his answer. Such approach can be used as a way to check clients disputes, requests, complains or if a client is making up things and not telling the facts correctly. This is known as a cross examination.

We do have the architect and the seeds for building such Intelligent system.

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