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End to End

Looking at any software system regardless of the technologies used, the front end is the interface with the users which has what we call normal data that the users understand. The backend or the storage of data can be in a format that only the data storage vendors and the software understand. The backend data are known as de-normalized. Data moving in any direction may go through several phases, technologies, format, systems (legacy or windows, ...), but data must arrive at one end or another. The data traveling speed and format may have issues due to the number of hands-software-hardware handling and not to mention security-encryption-decryption also.

Frontend to backend

Our answer to such issues is the standardization of records which is called Data Access Object (DAO). Each DAO would represent one standardized record type (person, item, product, ads, links, data, ... etc) based on the business type. Both ends would be storing the same DAO. This would eliminate normalization and de-normalization and speed the conversion. Only certain DAO would need security-encryption-decryption and not all the DAOs and that would save effort, time and cost.

Web Services

Intelligent DAO:
DAO can be a dummy storage object or we would add functionalities and intelligence to DAO. Therefore, DAO would contain the data and the processes needed to make it useful and intelligent (self aware and correct errors).

Format and Speed:
How would DAO would stored in SQL databases as fields of tables?
Our answer is to group DAOs and convert them into XML file using web services and store the entire group as XML field of the type Character Large Object (CLOB). We need to create database services to services such XML fields. One database record of DAO read-fetch will have all the DOA objects ready in memory to be used by the developers code. The simplicity and the saving in term of time, effort and usage can only be imagined.

Front End Templates:
Once the data or DAO is standardized with intelligence, then we can easily standardize the font display or web pages using templates. These standardized front or templates would not be imposed on the development team, but simply an added tools for architect and developers to use or cut/paste from its code. The front templates with the help of CRM services can be used for personalization, profiling and segmentation of web pages, mobile apps and any existing or future technologies.

Business Intelligence:
CRM services and Dynamic Business Rules would be the main tools in operating Business Intelligence. Making better and smarter business decisions faster with solutions would be automated where the business rules and CRM analysis provide the decision makers and CEO with an English-like Macro Decisions GUI interface. Their Macro Decisions would be translated in real-time into running their company-business software similar to running any software such as Microsoft word document. For more details see the Dynamic Business Roles section.

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