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CRM Issues - Will Run Everything
CRM services will be installed in medication holders, refrigerators, bicycles, cars, computers, mobile and anything that interacts with clients. It will also be displayed in different languages with GUI visual graphics that are culture and/or race based.

Thinking in Abstract

CRM and Customers

Sam's Scenario:
Let us take Sam Eldin as a Target Audience, who is over 40 years old, and currently traveling in his car for over three hours without any stop according to phone towers.

Our CRM system is tracking Sam traveling using both Sam's mobile phone and car as Sam is passing by phone towers. These phone towers report his movement and time to CRM system. The CRM computer system is an intelligent system that thinks in abstract. The computer system retrieves Sam's data and analyzes and concludes that Sam is over 40 years old and possibly have a prostate problem and the probability that Sam needs to visit a bathroom is greater than X% based on the time, age and other factors. The CRM system Services display a message on Sam's phone and/or car stating if Sam would need a clean bathroom, then McDonald's is next exist. It also displays coupons that Sam would use to get free XYZ and gives a number for Sam to claim his coupons value with his purchase and may use the coupon on his phone. The CRM system will be charging McDonald's for advertisement and get a percentage of Sam total purchase.

Our scenario is actually done by some companies, but our CRM would be built with an intelligent system that thinks in abstract and farmed data that is processed with speed and efficiency.

As for Privacy, Sam would be registered with our CRM Services to receive:
       coupons, maps, shopping tips, apps, ..etc.

We do have the architect and the seeds for building such CRM system(s) for both consumers and businesses.

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