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Interactive Templates - Save Effort, Time and Look Good
In our view, anything we can reuse and would save us time and effort, is a template. Templates can be old notes, programs, architect, designs, code segment, classes, packages, frameworks, design patterns, websites and web pages, training material or simply ideas that were document in a word file and saved for future use.

Frontend Efforts and Templates:
The Frontend is the front door to any business and that should be given a high priority and tools. It should address different technologies, ages, languages and cultures. The technologies and the coding languages would include JSP, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, JS, JSON, sessions, AJAX, jQuery and the list is not short. Images fonts, videos, links, social media access are also part of the game. The amount of coding, testing, debugging, updates and changes is a big effort which takes times. Not to mention, these ever-changing technologies and trends. How can we handle such effort?
Our answer is using templates with tokens.

CRM and Templates:
We believe templates with tokens is the best answer to reduce efforts when it comes to frontend development and also a big boost to reusability. For example, "TOKEN_LAST_NAME" can be used to insert the two words "Last Name" with any language (Spanish, German, Italian, French, Hindi, ..etc) into a field within a web page or an app. Multilanguage and different cultures, CRM Page Personalization, Segmentation, Patterns, Trends and Product Complexity can be addressed by using templates. Templates can also aid in quick development of web pages and mobile app or any new technologies.

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