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Intelligent Shopping Cart - Not Easy
Shopping Cart can be purchased or comes free with web hosting. Building a shopping cart would take some effort and our goal is to build an intelligent shopping cart which would do the following:

       Minimizes server calls by letting the browser do most of the work
       Uses CRM services for customization, personalization and marketing
       Intelligent - learns as it runs
       Has all the bells and whistles
       Keeps clients entertained and informed
       Presents related items for further sales
       Provides security
       Facilitates session management

Sam Shopping Cart

We will breakdown our shopping cart functionalities and services as follows:

The shopping cart (web page or app) will have products, related items (which can also be purchased), product help and documentation which would be included within the shopping cart page. For example, the image of Sam's Intelligent Shopping Cart Framework presents men pants. In addition to the pants, shoes and belts would be presented as side items. Clients would be able to get access to products information and help as popup or alternate text by clicking or passing over the images. The products stock inventory would also be used to help with ordering items delivery dates. Products pages would include the following:
Types of products, number of products, related products, "what is in Stocks?", helps, documentation.

Web page or app may include the following options:
Different languages, different browsers, search, reorder, payment options, "Save on Exit" - prompt, calculator, chat, and internationalization

Bells and Whistles:
Graphic artists and developers would be teaming up to make each page has all Bells and Whistles and appeal to site visitors. They should be working on the following:
Graphic, page layout, looks (fonts, color, menus, etc), popup with larger images, keep the visitors entertained.

CRM Services:
Customization, personalization, purchase history, uses coupons, reminder, promotions, gift certificate, register for gifts, customer loyalty, leads, what is "On-Sales" and emailing customers are some of the CRM services which make web pages and apps intelligent and address visitors needs.

Browser, mobile plus other technologies are developed using the following technologies:
JSP, Session, JavaScript, JSON, AJAX, jQuery, HTML, XML.

Shopping Carts should also address security and help trap any suspicious activity. Shopping Carts may flag any suspicious activity by using cookies, sever access, server's calls, expire time, sending mobile text messages.

In a nutshell, a Cookie is a String of information that is stored in browser for server notification. We architect cookies as a coded string (index or hash value) which is parsed by the server proxy server to keep track of all needed information for both security and session management. Our cookie is nothing but a Long Integer value which does not make any sense to anyone except our proxy server security handlers. We create Dynamic Cookie which is encrypted using visitor's information (ID which we would create), expiration, time stamp, IP address, host information and locations.

Session Management:
Our session management is a busy bee where anytime visitors change and/or exit the page or time expires, our JavaScript code prompts users for saving changes which would stored on the server as part of session management. Our session management has a map of Java objects with changes saved on the browser side. Therefore we can bring the last transactions or the state done on the page such as a shopping cart.

Regardless of all effort and brainstorming we do, there will be issues with the following: performance, latency, availability, flexibility and security. We do keep statistics of our system performance to learn and make our system Intelligent.

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