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Executive Summary (not too technical)

Our Virtual CRM Data Farm addresses these questions:

       What is the future of Big Data and CRM?
       What are the role(s) of Big Data and CRM?
       The cost of building a CRM System

What is the future of Big Data and CRM?
Believe it or not, Data (Big or small) will be controlled by three or four companies the same way credit bureaus control credit information. Who is ready for taking control? I do have a plan, but I need support. - Sam Eldin

What are the role(s) of Big Data and CRM?
We need to understand the role(s) of CRM. It is the median for helping consumers dynamically by being the consumers' extra eyes, ears, nose and extra set of hands, brains, search engines and any tools that can be used. The goal is to get consumers to trust-depend on CRM help in everything they do from the moment they get out of bed. We provide continuous help throughout the day, including an early morning wake up call. At the same time we are also helping companies sell their products and services. CRM would be the "Butler" who helps his master as the master wishes. Therefore, the more we know about the consumers, the more we can think in abstract on how to help. Plus each consumers' data history of his current and past transactions would be analyzed for further ways to help consumers.

To do an analogy, there was a number of movies, where the main heroes are a human and his assistant was a robot (looked-dressed as a human). The robot did all the analysis and the dirty work while the human hero made the wise and right decisions and won at the end of the movie. Then another set of movies came out with the hero is a human with electronic-mechanical parts which helped the hero become a superhuman. Our thinking is consumers with the help of mobile phones, computers, and other technologies would be thinking they are superhuman. These consumers with their electronic help would become inseparable. This is easier said than done. Our goal here is to create this human-electronic relationship or marriage.

Our CRM is a service that consumers are free to turn On or Off as they see fit. We are not imposing our CRM, but rather our CRM helps consumers become smarter and more savvy of all their day-to-day transactions-tasks.

What is the cost of building a Big Data-CRM System?
This is a tough question to answer since the CRM-Data game has already started and there is a number of big players. Our goal is beat the competition at their own game using technologies, the knowhow and management and learn from the past. The bigger the portion of the market we are planning to capture, the more costly it will be. See our architected approach with all its intelligent and futuristic components.
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