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Encryption - We Believe We Have The Best One
Encryption transforms data into an unusable form, reducing the risk in the case of unauthorized access. Encryption does not of itself prevent interception, and it is not a silver bullet for protecting data.

Put it all together:
Compression, Encryption, External Security, Internal Security, Big Data and CRM and The Size of business are the stone pillars that Big Data is all about. Once you have data, which we call it the "21 Century Gold", then such data must be stored, protected, transported and used. Compression, Encryption and Streaming are ways to use data more efficient and faster. We also have the following security model:

       XX (the name will give it away) - for Internal Security - keys encryption
       Our three compression algorithms

In a nutshell, the best answer is how to make Hackers eat any data they capture. We need to implement dynamic Encryption that is mathematically very difficult to figure out. We would be making it not worth any effort to steel data, since the stolen data can only be eaten nothing else. We believe that a sold compression, encryption and access security would make security and hacking a thing of the past.

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