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Data Visualizer - Transparency of the Complexity Behind the Scene
The goal of the Data Visualizer is to simplify data access with transparency of the complexity behind the scene.

Size of Security Business

Sadly, most of existing data visualizer in the market are not even close to what the actual data visualizer concept is all about. The top visualizer tools have business features such as BI, Analytics, Dashboard or mobile features, but these visualizer tools do not address how to work with companies data warehouse issues such as:

Companies are already spinning in Big Data and they do not realize nor willing to admit it
Use old technologies
System run on old and decaying hardware and software
Poor or non-existing hardware inventory
Poor or non-existing hardware expiration tracking
Complex data structure and queries
No documentation
Data redundancies
Lips services or non-existing support
Issues with supporting staff
Poorly managed infrastructure
Security is an additional issue
Totally dependent on their consulting and staffing vendors

Real World Issues
These are real world issues with very serious consequences which need more than what the best data visualizer can offer. The management must focus on finding a tool which:

Structures companies’ database-data warehouse services
Converts the existing-actual-physical data into new format such as XML and retire the old data warehouse
Has hardware inventory and hardware expiration tracking
Easy to integrate with running software
Has internal and external interfaces
Has built-in documentation
Has built-in security

Our Data Visualizer
Our Data Visualizer is building a solid structure and the business data management with the following features:

Thinking in Big Data terms.
Speed and support processes for Business Intelligence, CRM, Data Analytics and Security
Uses XML data structure in the database and replaces the overwhelming tables creations and associated fields
Create new data format such as XML fields or XML files which are stored as CLOB
Eliminate data duplication and redundancies
Simply and speed database processes such as database access, cashing, store, edit, and search
Automat the converting of existing databases into the new format and structure
Have the ability to use any structured and unstructured data in any format and convert them to the new XML format
Built-in hardware inventory and hardware expiration tracking
Built-in documentation
Create internal and external interfaces
Built-in security features

Our Data Visualizer Components
Auto Database Converter:
The converter is an intelligent software which would extract all the tables and fields within the target database, look for duplication and performs validation-certification. It would create a table “Categories-Weight-Type” where it gives each field-table a weight for possible Category-Type-Value. The weight is used to dynamically group fields into the following categories with subcategories:

       • Personal
       • Business
       • Transactional
       • Misc

Based on the business, the “Categories-Weight-Type” table will be used to create Intelligent Java Data Access Object (IDAO). Once the IDAO are created and populated with fields values. The IDOA would be converted to XML files which will be stored in the database. “Categories-Weight-Type” table will be also used to create an index-lookup table in search and retrieval processes.

Big Data and CRM Services:
Based on the business, Big Data and CRM services are built to support BI, Analytics, Dashboard and Cloud Governance.

External Data Interfaces:
Based on the business, web services and external data services are built to support External Interfaces.

Internal data Interface:
Based on the business, web services and internal data services are built to support software and packages.

Security Packaging:
See the Security-Encryption pages
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