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Data Tracing and Transformation - Data in and Services Out
To address Data Tracing and Transformation, our Post Office approach has a new way of data handling where data would travel as the follows:

       Data Input and Output
       Intelligent DAO
       Tiers and data Conversion

Data Input and Output:
Our Post Office Architect is a data warehouse and the goal is to provide data services not data access. This means data travel one way into our database services and no access by outsiders. Outsiders include developers code or any remote access. Our database services is a closed box with data would be parsed before farming it into our farming format. SQL injection is a code injection technique, used to attack data-driven applications, in which malicious SQL statements are inserted into an entry field for execution. In our database services No SQL injection would even pass our data parsing plus we parse and reformat the data into our secret format before storing any data. The only thing coming out of our database services is services such as:

       Compression-Encryption XML-DAO files
       Intelligent DAO
       Interactive Front
       CRM Plug-in
       BI Services
       Web-App Templates
       Web Pages

As for input data, our Post office can receive any data any format including:
PDF, excel sheets, text, HTML forms, CVS, mail messages, html page, XML, Tab Separated Values (TSV), Microsoft word Doc, Word for Macintosh (MCW) or any format which can be parsed. We parse such data and perform our standard processes (ETL, cleansing, validation, certification and audit trail). We farm such data into our Big Data database.

Intelligent DAO:
Our Intelligent DAO will be architected-designed to provide values and answer questions and track errors. DAO handle all internal data processing or conversions. Therefore DAO is only data holders with any internal tier. We would develop DAO similar to these spreadsheet and be able to calculate values and answer questions.

Tiers and Data Conversion:
One of the architect's task is tracing data from end-to-end and tracks the data transformation. We also are handling the data size, format, parsing and conversion. Traditionally, data travels in both directions in the following tiers:

       {Database} {Database - Web Services} {Business} {Web} {Browser-Mobile-Cloud}

Our Data Model:
In a nutshell, our data model is composed of the following:

Tier Data Type
Database Tables + DAO-XML (files) fields
Database - Web Services DAO-XML (files)
Business Intelligent DAO - array of Intelligent DAO
Web Server JSP,JSON, HTML - Intelligent DAO (security,logging, errors and exceptions)
Web-Mobile JSON + HTML-JPS forms
Cloud JSON + HTML-JPS forms - DAO-XML (files)

How it is done?

The data conversion is done straightforward as data travels from one tier to next.
Our Intelligent DAO helps with both tracing (logging, errors and exceptions) and securing data as it travels from one tier to next.
Web tier handles only the creation of business object (BO) locally within web objects (servlets, REST) methods. It also returns ready pages, apps or DAO-XML files in case of cloud services.
As for JSON, the transformation can be done in the business objects or in the JSP sessions using JavaScript -AJAX in both directions.
From web-mobile to web server (proxy-handlers: servlets, REST): HTML Forms, JSON or files would be passed to web proxy which passes to handlers which would also pass them to the business objects (BO) and BO does the data conversions.
As for images and videos we may use FTP for their transport.

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