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Data Streaming - Must Have
Streaming or media streaming is a technique for transferring data so that it can be processed. We believe the future of any services including CRM will encompass data streaming. As images and videos increase in popularity and their usage, data Streaming will be a bottleneck issue in any communication.

Data Streamin

What are our vision for Data Stream products and answers to Data Stream issues?
CRM, Compression and Encryption sections covered our approaches and details.

Small Chip

We are proposing a "Trio Box" or a "Trio Chip". Trio means Compression-Encryption-Transport. "CET" for short (not Central European Time). Our Box or Chip "CET" will compress-encrypt data (files, images, ...) and finally transport the compressed-encrypted data across the web, wireless or any media. Our Trio Box can be implemented as a web browser driver(s), an operation system driver(s), and an app. As for the Trio Chip, it would have its own memory, processor and any transport utilities-hardware component.

Such a chip can be installed in computers, mobile devices, cars, plans, TVs (prevent reselling of TV shows and sport games) or any devices that receive data. Our CET will be able to perform its tasks in any direction send-receiving. For big data streaming job, it would be better to have a Sender Chip and a Receiver Chip. Marketing would be the judge of that.

Our Post Office and "Trio Chip":
As for our Post office project, such a chip must be implemented and distributed since literality our Compression and Encryption secrets and dynamic loading would be running from such chip on the clients side in our cloud services. Our clients can used as a part of Interactive Front Services.

Big Business and Our "Trio Chip":
The best answer to build and distribute such chip is with co-working with companies as Intel, Nokia or any chip manufacture and build an internal chip or an external device which would handle the our data stream and security.

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