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Internal and External Data - Where It Comes From?
Our Post office project is all about Data Services for Big Data and CRM. The key point is that gathering terabytes of information is worthless if organizations don't have an efficient way to make sense, secure and turn data into services. Data are categorized as Internal and External.

Internal Sources:
Internal sources of data are those which are obtained from the internal reports of an organization. For instance, a factory publishes its annual report on total production, total profit and loss, total sales, loans, wages to employees, bonus and other facilities to employees etc.

External Sources:
External sources refer to the information collected by outside agencies. It can be collected from primary as well as secondary sources; type of information can be collected through census or sample method by conducting surveys and investigation.

When it comes to data the competition is very severe. For example, we cannot compete with credit bureaus or any of the big vendors with their marketing machine.

How to address handling external and internal data?
Regardless of the source of data our data must pass through:

       1. Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL)
       2. Data Cleansing
       3. Validation
       4. Certification
       5. Audit Trail

Foreign (External) Database, Legacy System and Web Services:
Our web services are architect to send and receive data. Our web services can receive data in format (XML, PDF, spreadsheets, text, forms, ... etc) and also send it any format including templates and Interactive Front pages.

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