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Intelligent DAO Model - Work Smarter and Harder
The current DAO and Databases are nothing but dummy storage components that developers are stuck with and end up doing and redoing all the work. We have experience developing insurance packages where we worked with actuarial analysts. Luckily, these actuarial analysts developed amazing spreadsheets that did all kinds of calculations. Not to mention that some of the fields in their excel sheet can work in reverse.

With the same principles, can we develop DAO similar to these spreadsheets and be able to calculate values and answer questions? For example, we do have a spreadsheet that can calculate the car payment of the following fields:

       Down Payment
       Trade-in value
       Loan Amount
       Interest rate
       Term (Months)
       Monthly payment
       Total cost

The excel sheet is capable of calculating any of the fields value if your enter the rest.

Our Intelligent DAO will be architected-designed to provide values and answer questions and track errors.
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