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Cloud Services - The Facts and Fictions
The facts:
The earliest remote computing was done using phone lines and noisy modems and working remotely was quite clumsy and slow at their best. Once the Internet came on the scene, remote computing took big giant steps. Now we have internet, intranet, web hosting, Application Service Providers (ASP), Distributed System, B2B & B2C, PaaS, SaaS, Web Services, ..etc. The latest buzzword is "Cloud". Regardless of all new terms, there is really no drastic benefits when it comes to servers, browsers, hosting and anything else other than mobile.

Fictions come with the fact that every few year, software take on difference dresses with a barge of new terms and these newly dressed software are solid back to the IT community with no real benefits. For example, Application Service Providers (ASP) and hosting which we have been building and using for years, now they are "Cloud" with new buzzword such as Cloud Services (Public, Private or Hybrid), Cloud Governance, Analytics , ..etc.

Cloud Services (Public, Private or Hybrid):
Public clouds are owned and operated by third-party service providers. The costs are spread across all users. Private clouds are those that are built exclusively for an individual enterprise. Hybrid clouds combine the advantages of both the public and private cloud models.

Our Cloud Service Architect:
We architect our system into:

       Tiers: Tiers are made of Services and Utilities
       Services: are composed of Engines
       Tracking Engine: tracks and monitors the system performance
       Data: storage of Big Data
       Mapping and Farming: Formatting and farming Big Data into smaller one
       DAO: helps distribute data
       Interactive Front: automating front portals
       Analytics Engines:Analytics is focusing on the business as a whole
       CRM Plugin: CRM services
       Services Handler: redirects clients to the services
       Web-Mobile: Front portals
       Cloud Governance: works as a Proxy and controls clients's privilege
       Cloud: Cloud Services
       Security: Internal and external using our trade secret

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