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Check List: Transparency
The only way to present the "Transparency" concept or term to nontechnical audiences is to present an opposite scenario of Transparency. Looking at the event when online bank customers logged in to their bank site to come upon the bank message stating the bank site is being updated and the bank services would not be available for few hours or next day. The next surprise is when the bank website comes on with totally different looks, names, layout and some of the previous site functionalities are no longer available. From our architectural point of view, such an event has nothing to do with Transparency.

Transparency means invisible. In computer software, an action is transparent if it takes place without any visible effect. Transparency is usually considered to be a good characteristic of a system because it shields the user from the system's complexity or development side effects and redoing of code.

Technically, to achieve "Transparency", an architect must give attention to the system interfaces and the implementation of the following concepts or methodologies in the architect:

       Loosely coupled
       Tiers architecting
       Components structure
       Dynamic Business Rules
       Services (Independent )
       Software Engines
       Utilities Packages
       Common tier or packages
       Using Property files and Property Manager classes
       Intelligent DAO
       Security (Independent )

Security should also be Transparent to the system users and the development teams.
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