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Check List: Security-Never-Ending and Ever-Changing Battle
Security is never-ending and ever-changing battle which we cannot afford to lose. When it comes to security then the:

              "What + How + Cost"

need to be addressed. The goal of security is to close every gate and every gap as much as possible without jeopardizing performance which are:

   Speed Availability Admin Control Flexible Dynamic Cost Effective

We view security as levels of armors or shields and our thinking and approaches of Security Levels are as follows:
Software: our architect-design and development must address security
Data: data travels from end to end and security must be addressed when it comes to changing hands and handlers.
Bit: how can we use Zeros and Ones to secure our system
Hardware: we will not cover hardware since we need help with it

Software and Data Levels:

Level Methodologies Comments
Technologies Java Technology Java uses:Sand Box approach, secure classloader, bytecode verifier, SecurityManager, keeping untrusted code to the bare minimum, HotJava browser, and the list is not small.
Development Java API The Java security APIs span a wide range of areas, including cryptography, public key infrastructure, secure communication, authentication, and access control. Java security technology provides the developer with a comprehensive security framework for writing applications, and also provides the user or administrator with a set of tools to securely manage applications.
Architect-design Security Components It is impossible to close every gap, but our architect-design and data structure choices may help narrow the gap:
Authentication, Authorization, Assurance (security attributes), Loosely coupled, Tiers architecting, Components structure, Using Property files and Property Manager classes, Intelligent DAO.
Interfaces Secured Interfaces We give careful attention to details when it comes to interfaces, using different encrypted keys for different directions.
See Security page under Thinking in Tiers.
Secure Sockets SSL Certificates and Encryption Using SSL as security protocol where SSL protocol determines variables of the encryption.
Administration Java Admin, Homegrown GUI interfaces, vendors The ability to add and change security policies, how policies are implemented in the enterprise, and the persons or entities related to the systems.
Data Databases, Tables, Fields and Folders We are implementing data security on Software level and Bit level.
See Security page under Data and Databases.
Internal and external Architect-design and bit levels. Building cost effective Internal and external security need serious architecting and design.
Dynamic Business Rules Homegrown BI and Dynamic Business rules Framework Business rules regarding handling of data/information assets.
Users Most important component Users must be trained and understand that to their advantage that they should help with security by reporting issues or give suggestions and tips.
DAO Intelligent DAO Architecting-design Intelligent DAO that would help with security.

Bit Level:

Level Methodologies Comments
Hashing One of trades secret We are hashing Big Data (zeros and ones) into a fraction of its original size is our new. The newly hashed data would be processed with speed of the CPU and the analysis and reports would be generated in millisecond.
Compression One of trades secret Using Zeros and Ones to compress data by over 65% of its original size. We compress any form of data including high resolution images.
Encryption One of trades secret Using Zeros and Ones to encrypt the compressed data.
Bit Mapping Java Bit Mapping Using bits as hashed keys to values.

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