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As a Full Development Life Cycle architect or an Enterprise Architect, the question of system performance is always running in the back of my mind. Any software project is composed clients, users, hardware, software, development and testing teams, management, technologies, interfaces, documentation, misc, plus lots of critics. To insure good if not great system's performance, we as a team must compare any architected components or decisions with latest "Best Practices.". Luckily for web users, there are tones of information on the web to check and see: how close your choices are to the latest Best Practices?

The following is our architect-design metrics or cheat sheet for our system performance:

   1. Our Check List 2. Technologies used 3. Hardware performance 4. Security
   5. Interfaces 6. Tiers 7. Big O Notation 8. Databases
   9. Data Structure 10. Data Conversion 11. Data Flow 12. Communication
   13. Reusability 14. Intelligent system 15. Business Intelligence (BI) 16. Documentation
   17. Helping Development 18. Helping Testing 19. Helping Management 20. Maintenance
   21. Products Quality 22. Cost and Budget 23. Open Source 24. Misc.

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