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Check List: Counting and Tracking the System's Heartbeats

Errors & Logging Diagram

Errors, Exceptions, Debugging and Logging:
In a Nutshell, (outside firewalls, load balancer and failover) tracking Errors, Exceptions, Logging and Debugging in one scope can be a big challenge. Plus building GUI interactive interfaces for Administrators to dynamically set system properties On/Off. Our GUI interfaces would also provide graphic views of the system with the following performance attributes: Errors, Exceptions, Security, Latency, Performance, Availability, Throughput, Tier Status and System Status.

Our Secret Ingredients are:
Linked Lists, running in memory, separate the slow IO processes, static variables for counting, file size, message counting, include files within JSP, logging messages [Tier-Package-Class(subclass)-Method name + Time stamp (long integer)], property files, buffers, backup utilities, swing applications, some serious math and parsing algorithms, plus misc tasks. We would be more than happy to give anyone a tour.

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