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Business Tier - System Bottleneck
Business tier or application tier in MVC design patterns is the Model which is the developers code. As the name implies, it is where all the business processes and logic take place. We view business Tier as the biggest bottleneck in the architect. It is the middle tier between the outside world and data tier. It is the engine(s) of performing the business processes of the system. It habitually runs on the application servers. We would break it down into:

Data handling, services, engines, business rules, admin and properties files handling, memory management, memory resident (data and processes persistence), files, buffering, logging, errors, exception, vendors software and hardware functionality (keep server-hardware in check).

Data structures, data conversion and format and communicating with data tier factories and adapters.
The task of keeping data in memory or locally and reducing database access.

Reusability, intelligence, modularity, performance, availability and transparency, latency, refactoring and interfaces.

Security and Interfaces:
It also interfaces with database tier, web tier, and/or Legacy system and web services.
Handling security issues such internal security.

What processes can be performed by database side and browser side and reducing the tasks of the business tier

Testing and Integrating:
Testing the business tier by the development team or outsourcing testing to outside vendors.
Integrating the business tier from test servers to production servers may not be a small issue also.

Performing maintenance which includes fixing existing bugs and adding new features-enhancements.

Business Tier

Looking at Post Office Business Tier image, we are showing a rough presentation of our Post office Business Tier. We believe security should be done on web server tiers, database tier plus our Intelligent DAO would perform the security needed for Business Tier. This would reduce the over taxing of the Business Tier with the security issues and let it focuses on the business processes and its performance.

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